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Welcome to my home page. My professional card and curriculum vitae are available from the download page. I have recently been doing a lot of public speaking. If you would like me to speak to your class, peers, or astronomy club about issues in astronomy and physics and the teaching of astronomy and physics, please contact me. A brief introductory bio is available from the download page.

I have a few professional projects on which I am currently working.
  • I am writing a new introductory astronomy textbook built around critical thinking and inquiry. The book can, hopefully, be used at either the high school or college level. It will be a radically different approach for either level. I've selected Learning Critical Thinking Through Astronomy as a working title. More information about this project is available on the LCTTA page.
  • I am working on bringing geometric algebra and geometric calculus into the introductory physics classroom as a replacement for traditional vector algebra. This will be a very gradual project, but may be surprisingly easy to do locally. I have no illusions about rapidly changing things elsewhere though.
  • I am working on bringing tensors into the introductory physics classroom.
  • I am working on inquiry activities for calculus-based physics that I hope will help bridge the gap between introductory calculus and introductory calculus-based physics.
  • I am working on notation standards for introductory physics.

My first book, Fundamental Ephemeris Computations, was published in 2000 by, and is available from, Willmann-Bell, Inc. It is a combination textbook and reference book for anyone who needs to know how to produce astronomical ephemerides using the JPL development ephemeris data files. Note that on, the reviews on my book's page are not actually for my book. Repeated appeals to to fix the problem have been fruitless. Parts of the book are in need of revision, but I am awaiting publication of some important reference information before starting that project.