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American Association of Physics Teachers
Committee on Space Science and Astronomy

This is a website for the AAPT’s Committee on Space Science and Astronomy. The official AAPT committee page lists members and their terms, but this site houses committee documents and may eventually include a facility allowing members to communicate with each other.

Although these files are currently in Word format(s), they will also eventually be available in OpenOffice format.
Annual Report 2005 (doc)
Annual Report 2006 (doc)
Annual Report 2010 (PDF)
Annual Report 2011 (PDF)
How To Create A Session (doc)
Draft Invited Speaker Letter (doc)
Draft Invited Speaker Letter (docx)
Draft Invited Speaker Thank You (doc)
Draft Invited Speaker Thank You (docx)

Agendas and Minutes since 2006 (note that not all meetings are represented)
Meeting Agenda 2006-01-23 Anchorage (PDF)
Meeting Minutes 2006-01-23 Anchorage (PDF)
Meeting Agenda 2006-07-25 Syracuse (PDF)
Meeting Minutes 2006-07-25 Syracuse by J. Raddick (PDF)
Meeting Minutes 2006-07-25 Syracuse by D. Smith (PDF)
Meeting Agenda 2007-01-07 Seattle (PDF)
Meeting Agenda 2007-07-31 Greensboro (PDF)
Meeting Minutes 2007-07-31 Greensboro by G. McIntosh (PDF)
Meeting Minutes 2008-01-20 Baltimore by K Lee (PDF)
No Meeting Agenda 2008-07-22 Edmonton
Meeting Minutes 2008-07-22 Edmonton by K. Lee (PDF)
Meeting Agenda 2009-02-15 Chicago (PDF)
Meeting Minutes 2009-02-15 Chicago (PDF)
No Meeting Agenda or Minutes 2009 Ann Arbor
Meeting Minutes (and Agenda) 2008-02-16 Washington, D.C. (PDF)
Meeting Agenda 2010-07-19 Portland (PDF)
Meeting Minutes 2010-07-19 Portland (PDF)
Meeting Agenda 2011-01-11 Jacksonville (PDF)
Meeting Minutes 2011-01-11 Jacksonville (PDF)
Meeting Agenda 2011-08-02 Omaha (PDF)
Meeting Minutes 2011-08-02 Omaha (PDF)
Meeting Agenda 2012-02-07 Ontario (PDF)
Meeting Minutes 2012-02-07 Ontario (PDF)
Meeting Agenda 2012-07-30 Philadelphia (PDF)
Meeting Minutes 2012-07-30 Philadelphia (PDF)